What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a mobile app that you download on your phone. By going to the application, foursquare automatically shows a list of businesses that you are near. You can choose to “check-in” at any of the locations which you visit. Checking in not only tells your foursquare friends where you are, but it records your check-ins to work towards rewards.

What is a foursquare reward?

Businesses have the option of creating incentives for people to check in. The most popular way to do this is reward customers for checking-in a certain amount of times. For instance, you might be rewarded a free drink after 3 check-ins at a location. The reward and the number of check-ins to receive that award are decided by the company, and may change from time to time. When you “unlock” a deal, it will notify you on the application and you can present the unlocked deal on your phone to an employee.

Mayors on foursquare

In addition to general rewards for various numbers of check-ins, businesses can offer a special deal for the “mayor” of a location. The mayor is the person who has checked in the most over the past 60 days at the business. For instance, the mayor might get a free drink with every check in, as opposed to needing to check-in a certain number of times.

Keeping track

Foursquare does all of the dirty work. The application keeps track of everything, including check-ins, deals, unlocking deals, etc. All you have to do is check-in each time you visit a location and you\’re all set!